donderdag 17 september 2015

Elections and the Trump show!

Second day of my blog. So I thought, why not post my first blog in English.
Warning! I'm Belgian so, I'm sorry for spelling mistakes.

What better to talk about then the presidential elections?
Donald Trump!!! Is he a joke or the real deal? Everyone thinks he's the joke of course, but still... He's currently 'still' in the lead for the republican party.
Let's do a flash forward. Its November 2016, and all over the news: Trump vs Clinton! Quite unlikely, I know. But it's a reality check to try to think about Trump actually having a chance to be in the White  House. Well first of all there probably will be a wall build at the US-Mexican border. Paid by the Mexicans. See how ridiculous this is? Truth is, if Trump is president he will actually want this. Everything he says, is probably actually true in his mind. Trump is good for media, he makes these kinds of debates good TV to watch. He wouldn't be as fit as an actual president.

Personally I'm rooting for Joe Biden entering the race. He's the kind of clear thinking man who might be able to lead the nation the right way, the only way americans deserve to be lead. With all the others I see some red flags.
Honestly, I've a huge problem with the presidential elections. Republicans are way to conservative and extreme. Democrats are too soft. There is no middle ground. I want a middle ground! I know there's a history in the US with democrats and republicans, and history within families to always vote on the republican candidate or the democrat one. Except swing states. That's for another blogpost.
Belgian politics probably have to many options which party to elect. But in this system every voter can try to align his vision to a party.

Conclusion, this was actually harder than I thought it would. My english is still a little rusty. Hope you enjoyed!
See you later!

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